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Psychotherapy and counselling throughout Whangaparaoa for every need
When you make your first appointment with Rachel Cox Psychotherapy in Whangaparaoa we will take some time to get an overall understanding of what issues concern you and/or your family members have so we can fit the best therapy services for the situation. 

Having many years of experience we know how to handle a range of situations we pride ourselves on being able to match your problems with the correct therapy services to get to the best outcome!
Psychotherapy and Counselling Works for:
Individuals, couples or families in Hibiscus who want to talk to a Qualified professional to explore an issue or problem, or to make positive changes to parts of their life. All your problems are relevant – big or small.
Psychotherapy and Counselling Helps You to:
+  Enhance your relationships
+ Give more purpose and meaning to your life
+ Resolve individual and relationship difficulties
+ Make more sense of unhelpful thoughts, behavioural patterns
    and emotional responses
+ Understand physical problems that may have psychological origins
+ Gain strategies to promote healthy behavioural patterns and
    emotional responses

Through the psychotherapy process you gain greater self awareness and understanding giving you the freedom of choice to make changes in your life. So if you feel the need to talk to someone, give Rachel Cox a call today in Hibiscus.
Psychotherapy and Counselling Helps With:
+ Development of greater self awareness
+ Personal goals and empowerment
+ Depression
+ Grief, loss, separation and loneliness
+ Anger and stress management
+ Conflict resolution
+ Eating disorders and over eating
+ Anxiety and panic attacks
+ Relationship difficulties
+ Relationship enhancement and communication skills
+ Emotional pain – past and present
+ Difficulties feeling or expressing emotion
+ Sexual identity and sexual abuse issues
+ Identity issues, confusion and self doubt
+ Addiction issues
+ Power and control problems
+ Health issues that may have psychological origins
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